Characteristics of the Ideal Car

I was asked this as a question by a reader of the Register Guard. I’m always looking for new ideas, so thanks Joe for this idea.

People often ask me what the ideal vehicle is and the answer is always easy. It depends on a lot of priorities.

The simple question is what you are doing to do with your car.

Is it basic transportation that you want great fuel mileage and dependability? Is a vehicle part of your ego, want to impress people with want you drive. How many people do you want to carry? Do you need to haul loads that would call for a PU truck? Do you like to go around corners fast and take it to autocrosses?

The most important item to remember is that NO vehicle is made that is going to have everything you want. Go for what you are going to use it for 85% of the time.

If you have two cars in the household, make sure that you have different vehicles such as one that holds a lot and the other that’s fun to drive.

I personally love to get a vehicle fully loaded with all the great new gadgets and that is recommended by Consumer Reports. Both mine and my wife’s are both top picks in the category. One is a small SUV and a 4 door sports sedan.

The April Consumer Report is on the newsstands. I highly recommend reading this if you are going to buy a vehicle, new or used. It is the best single source of unbiased information you can get. It has information that you would not even think of considering.

Written By George Rode


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