Keeping your vehicle from being stolen.

One of my passions is working at make this a better community to live in. One of my recent boards a have joined is the Police commission.

35 vehicles have been stolen this year in Eugene already. Hondas and Toyotas of the 1990s vintage are a favorite for the thieves. A “shaved” key easily work with both of these brands.

The solution is to use a steering wheel lock. In Eugene, no vehicle have ever been stolen with one installed. Yes, one has been stolen with the lock in the back seat.

The steering wheel lock takes about 10 seconds to install or remove. My recommendation is to use these on pre 2004 vehicles. Newer vehicles have much greater security such as chips in the key that are linked with the electronics of the vehicle so even with a key, they will not start.

The Eugene police crime prevention unit sells these for $12.50 for The Club. They can be purchased at the main police head quarters at 300 Country Club Road at any hour or at 791 East 13th from 8:00am till 4:00 pm. They are also available at most automotive parts stores too.

This is cheap insurance to keep you vehicle from being stolen. Here is the link to the Eugene Police Protect your car site.

- George Rode

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