Save on fuel

Save on pricy fuel with theses few tips

Check tire pressure at least monthly. Tire pressures are found on the driver’s door jamb or in the owner’s manual. Pressures written on the tires are a maximum pressure, not the recommended pressure.  .  Low tire pressure can reduce fuel mileage by 5% and create a safety hazard. Always check tire pressure when the tires are cold or cool, not after freeway driving. It is best to have your own tire pressure gauge. They are under $5.00

Drive smoothly, anticipate traffic lights, and no quick starts. Act as if there is an egg under your gas pedal, and accelerate slowly. Watch the traffic lights ahead so you don’t have to use your brakes. Every time you use your brakes, you waste energy.  With a manual transmission, shift to a higher gear soon. With an automatic transmission, keep it in overdrive, even in town.

Maintain your vehicle. Do the services that your vehicle needs. A restricted air filter can cut down on fuel mileage by 17%. If your check engine light is on, get it diagnosed and repaired.

Use proper oil. Check your owner’s manual for the proper oil to use. A lower viscosity (thinner) oil will get better fuel mileage

Use your cruise control on the freeway. A cruise control will keep an even throttle setting, saving fuel. Do not use a cruise control in poor weather, in busy traffic or on hills.

Don’t warm up your vehicle. Just drive easy until the temperature gauge is in the normal range. A vehicle not moving gets 0 miles per gallon and is a waste of fuel.

Empty your vehicle of unnecessary weight. The more things in your trunk, the more energy it takes to get it moving, and even uses more of your brakes to stop.

Remove ski rack, bike racks, and cargo carriers when not in use.  This is most important on freeway driving. These create more air drag and will increase fuel consumption by up to 3 miles per gallon.

Combine trips. A cold engine gets poor fuel mileage. Plan your trips for errands. The easiest way to save fuel is not to drive.

Walk or bike more. You accomplish many things here. Save fuel, less pollution and even get some exercise.

Ride the bus. Not only does this save fuel but also lowers traffic congestion.


What Not to Do

Buy any device that increases your fuel mileage. Save your money, they don’t work!


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