Snow tire time, studded vs non studded tires.

Snow Tire

Studded tires are allowed on vehicles for November 1st to April 1st. The date of April 1st has been moved to later dates in the past.

The question is which tire should you use when you plan get ready for the winter in Oregon. One thing for sure, be sure to use your choice on all four wheels for consistent handling and safety.

Both tires have good news, bad news. The good news about non studded tires as compared to studded tires is they handle better in most situations, like dry and wet payment. Non studded tires also are more quit and turn in better fuel mileage that studded.

Studded tires do have an advantage in some ice conditions, most when the ice is close or just raising about the freezing point. The bad news about studded tires is that they do about forty to fifty million dollars damage to the roads according to Oregon Department of Transportation.

Whatever your choice is, do it before it is needed so you will be safe. Make sure you tires are in good shape, they are the most important to safe driving.


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